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Scale Remover Chemicals


  • It removes deposited scale in all above equipments in a very short time depends on the condition of thickness of scale ( i.e. 2 to 5 hrs & 10% to 30% solution of Descale-R can be used).. You can use 100% on direct use also. While other descaling chemical yet available in the market, even products of Dhram     Ji murarji ( Sulphamic acid). & other products required 36 to 48 hrs for cleaning of boiler, cooling tower, heat exchangers etc. by heating the solutions then neutralization with caustic, will break the tubes etc, will increase the cost of maintenance & it also require to take or stop the plant for maintenance for along time while Such is not required by using our products, Descale-R . It will clean within a very short time i.e. 2 to 5 hrs with no any side effect. 10 to 30% solution of Descale-R with normal water is use (No heating & neutralization is required.)


  • In water impeller, pumps, jam& corrode nuts & bolts, it loosen immediately by using Descale-R just few drops or small amounts. It acts like a magic, it remove scale & corrosion also within no time.


  • It removes scale from all parts of scaling & also chocking of building pipe lines etc.


  • Use two parts of Denol-CS and one part of Descale-R will remove algee and bacteria formations from water storage tanks and swimming pool water and will give you clear transparent water.