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Scale Preventative Chemicals



Denol-CS is a scale preventive chemicals. It prevent scale formation as well as it also softens the water : no any sluge   formation. It gives soluble complexes with transparent soft water even up to o P.P.M.  with no retention  of hardness. (10 gpl(gram per liter) of Denol-CS  will reduces hardness by 125 PPM.) & no any side effects.


  • In D.G. Sets – By using this it gives better power at low cost of fuel.


  • In Boiler – It gives high & full pressure steam at full vacuum & decreases the consumption of fuels.


  • In cooling tower- It gives better humidity & decrease the cooling cost &  remove algae formation in water tanks.


  • In water pipe lines, pumps, impeller- It reduces the chocking.


  • In process water – The use of Denol-CS will give you better quality of products to remove unwanted impurity.


  • Even you are having softening plant you are getting scale formation. You are not getting water of o PPM &  there will be retention of hardness of water that increases water hardness by storage, while use of Denol-CS it prevent scale formation & no retention of hardness.


  • Use 0.5 Kgs. Per. 1000 liters of water. ( or you may use from 0.2 to 0.5 Kg. Per 1000 liters of waters )