Rust Remover for Bars & Steel Structures                        


is a chloride free liquid rust remover chemical. It is used effectively to clean rust from steel surfaces before applying any protective coating on it.



  • Simple application by brush
  • Effective rust removal ,even from areas difficult to reach
  • Contains no chloride – no chance of enhancing corrosion
  • Cost effective coverage
  • Removes rust & corrosion from Ferrous & nonferrous metals.
  • Safe to handle use & store.



  • During repairs to concrete structures
  • Maintenance of mild steel structures like interior / exterior surface of tanks water & vessles pipelines shuttering plates and other corroded steel surfaces
  • Trucks, cars & other vehicles.
  • Automotive , marine , farm equipments & parts
  • Fences railing & walls.
  • Tools locks & rust frozen parts.



  • In case of heavy rusting of steel reinforcement, M.S. pipelines, M.S.plates or any other M.S.surface, remove the loose rust by wire brushing, chipping, hammering or grinding so that majority of rust scale is removed. Apply DENOL RUST REMOVER-10 on affected surface by using cotton waste swab or by brush application. Leave the surface to react With DENOL RUST REMOVER-10 for at least 15 to 30 minutes. The rusty surface will change its colour to original blackish steel. Then remove the loose rust particles by scrubbing or simple dusting with brush.
  • Approx: 15-18 sq. mtr. / ltr. Coverage may vary with the substrate condition & the extent of corrosion




  • DENOL RUST REMOVER-10 is acidic in nature, when applied to clean the rusted rebars, ensure that traces of acid are removes completely by washing with a water jet, before Applying coatings/primers.
  • Should not be used to clean rusted rebars in critical RCC structures
  • For the rough removal of rust.



  • Appearance -                   brown colour liquid
  • Specific Gravity-              1.20±0.03
  • Nature -                          Acidic


PACKING: 55 Ltr.