Rock Phosphate

Being the leader in our domain we are able to cater the premium quality of rock phosphate for the clients. These phosphates are made accessible in desired quantity to suit the specific requirement of the clients. As far as the construction part is concerned Phosphorite, phosphate rock or rock phosphate is a non-detrital sedimentary rock which contains high amounts of phosphate bearing minerals.  When it comes to the ratio part the phosphate content of phosphorite is at least 20% which is a large enrichment over the typical sedimentary rock content of less than 0. 2%.

These are ideally used as fertilizer in acidic soil and this application is dependent on the structure and chemical composition of the rock. For the quality assurances our quality analyst makes sure that the entire ranges are tested on different parameters to assess the suitability. Our emphasis is on Mineralogical tests.  The entire ranges are packed in our warehouse and delivered to the clients within the stipulated time frame. Our priorities are client satisfaction.


Different grades of Rock Phosphate available with us:

  • Grade: 13 %-16 % P2O5 chips/powder
  • GRADE: 18%-20 % P2O5 chips/powder
  • GRADE: 20 %-22 % P2O5 chips/powder
  • GRADE: 22 %-24 % P2O5 chips/powder
  • GRADE: 25 %-27 % P2O5 chips/powder
  • GRADE: 27 %-29 % P2O5 chips/powder 
  • GRADE: 30 %-32 %P2O5 chips/powder