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Water reducing and retarding admixture for concrete




DENOL CRETE -CFSI is a plasticizing & retarding admixture for concrete which provides a plastic and cohesive concrete mix with increased durability and reduced shrinkage in the hardened state. It provides excellent retention of slump with economical dosages. The product complies with IS: 9103-1999 and ASTM C-494-86, Type B-PD.



  • Retarding plasticizer that reduces water up to 10%
  • Improves workable time by controlled retardation
  • Increased workability without bleeding and segregation
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Lowers permeability
  • Attend high ultimate strength without increasing cement content
  • Non staining
  • Compatible with all types of Portland cement slag/SRC
  • Chloride free



  • Concreting in high temperature conditions
  • Large pours to prevent cold joints
  • General purpose ready mix concrete
  • Architectural concrete, pile concrete, prestressed concrete
  • Highway concrete , bridge deck concreting



  • The correct quantity of DENOL CRETE-CFSI should be measured with recommended dispenser and should be thoroughly with approx.25% of the recommended water content (based on mix design by weight.)
  • Mix concrete constituents along with balance approx. 75% of the recommended water content (based on mix design by weight) for 3 minutes.
  • As soon as step 2 is over ,the admixture dispersed in water (as in step- 1) is to be added to the wet concrete and mix it further for 2-3 minutes to get a homogeneous mix.
  • Use about 200-250 ml per bag of cement (50 kg).



  • DENOL CRETE-CFSI should not be added in dry mixes under any circumstances
  • If used for cement  reduction without loss in strength, the dose of DENOL CRETE-CFSI depends on mix design
  • Overdosing leads to delay in setting time of concrete
  • DENOL CRETE-CFSI is non – toxic and inflammable .When in contact with skin; it must be washed with water.



  • Color -                            dark brown
  • Base  -                            M S I
  • Density -                       1.17±0.02 gm/cc at 30°c   
  • Ph -                                 7-8
  • Chloride content -       NIL