AMC_5800_Discount_Swim_Spa_Used_Swim AMC-5800

AMC - 5800 Readymade Swimming Pool & Spa


AMC-5800 swim spa is not only for swim, but also combines a variety of exercise options with relaxing, body-melting, warm-water hydrotherapy. Further more,the instructment provides row, walk,run,strenght train practice in the water. Allowing your muscles and joints to move more freely.

Key features
Shell dimensions: 5786x2200x1350mm
Water capacity: 2430US Gallons
Seating capacity: 2 persons
Net weight: 1600 kgs
Gross weight: 1800 kgs
Total water jets: 33pcs

5" swim riptide direction jet: 6pcs, with UL, CSA approvals
4" roto spa jets, 4 pcs, with UL, CSA approvals
3" roto spa jets, 7pcs, with UL, CSA approvals
2" double rotational spa jets, 16 pcs, with UL, CSA approvals

pump power: 3 pcs 3HP +1 pc 0.5HP water pump

Voltage/ frequency: 220V/50HZ or 380V/50HZ
Digital controls: 1 pc,with CE approval,with control panel waterproof master control box and electrical box
Waterless protection system: 1 pc
Ozone water purification system: 1 pc,with CE approval
Heater: 1 pcs,(3KW with CE approval )
Underwater light: 1pc LED,with CE approval,LED color
Stereo radio: Yes
Speakers: 2 pcs,chrome finish cover
Waterless protection: 2 pieces
Ozone water purification system: 2 pieces
Floating skimmer: 1pc
Isolation layer: Yes,made of PU foam filling agent
Isolation cover: 2 pc,with Canadian approvals
Automobile speaker: 2 pcs
spa bag: 1pc
small LED light: 50pcs