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AMC - 5000 Readymade Swimming Pool & Spa

Never stop improving,strive for perfection, find what works and made it better,AMC-5000 was born by this philosophy,  based on the first success of AMC-5860, we bring more choice to our spa users, AMC-5000 is equip[ped with 6 big swim jets, all these high volume jets can be adjust the pressure and speed,  totally 3 pcs 3 HP boost pump, 1.25HP blower and 0.5HP circulation provide you a powerful, economical to run and funny. swim spa.

Key features
Shell dimensions 4800 x 2200 x1350mm
Product dimensions

4800 x 2200 x1100mm

Water capacity 1800US gallons
Seating capacity 6 persons
Gross weight 1400 kgs
Total water jets: 30 pcs
Swim spa jet 6 pcs,with UL, CSA approvals,in grey
5"swim spa jets 8 pcs,with UL, CSA approvals,in grey
3" rotational spa jets 4 pcs,with UL, CSA approvals,in grey
2" roto spa jets 16 pcs, with UL, CSA approvals,in grey
2" directional spa jets 2 pcs,with UL, CSA approvals,in grey
Voltage/ frequency 220V / 50 - 60Hz or 380V / 50 - 60Hz
Water pump 1 3 pc, 3HP,with UL,CE,CCC approvals
Water pump 3 (Circulation pump) 1pc, 0.5HP,with UL,CE,CCC approvals
Digital controls 1 pc,with CE /UL approval,with waterproof control box and heater (balboa)
Waterless protection system 1 pc
Ozone water purification system 1 pc,with CE approval
heater 1 pc,3KW,with CE/UL approval (balboa)
Underwater light 1pc,with CE approval,LED color
filter skimmer 100 Sqare feet, 1 pc, with UL,CSA approvals,in grey
Water diverter 1 pc,with UL,CSA approvals, in gray
Air regulators 2 pcs,PVC, with UL, CSA approvals, in gray
Suctions 6 pc,200GPM,with UL,CSA approvals, in grey.200GPM/pc
Drain valve 1 pc,with UL,CSA approvals,in grey
Drain 1 pc,200GPM,with UL,CSA approvals
Headrests 2 pcs,in black or grey
Skirt 1 pc,inserted version, made of plastic in red or grey
Isolation cover 2pc,with Canadian approvals
Isolation layer Yes,made of PU foam filling agent
Step 1 pc
Fiber glass reinforcement Yes
Stainless steel stand 1 pc
Packing 1 pc
CD player 1 pc
spa bags 1 pc silvery
Aluminium sheet isolation for skirt 1 pc
Lift 1 pc,for cover
small LED light 20pcs

Now swim whenever you like on your own schedule at your own perfect pace. No traveling, no crowded pools, no heavy chlorine, Just your own precision engineered “counter current” pool, where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that’s fully adjustable to any speed or ability.

Our pools are simple to install, easy to maintain, economical to run, fit easily in new or existing spaces indoors or outside, and are so handsome they can become a showplace in your home. The small footprint means our pools use less land, water, chemicals, and energy than traditional pools.

With an Endless Pool you can enjoy improved health and fitness while adding beauty and value to your home.